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The Virtual Point Of
Sale Terminal!

The Virtual Point of
Sale Terminal for PIN
Based Debit Cards

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“PIN PAY” for the pin based Pre-Paid Debit Card Industry

ALow 1.95 % Discount Rate

No Risk of Chargeback

No Holdback of Funds

No Fraud Worries

$0.30 per transaction

Pin Pay $10.00 Gateway fee (monthly)

$135 set-up fee*

Pin Pay Rapid Approval *

Pin Pay Available Worldwide

Increase your revenue

Load Debit Cards with Pin Pay!

Travel Industry


Adult Industry

Multi Level Marketing

Dating Sites

Low or High Volume

Sports / Entertainment

Auction sites

Membership Clubs


Sell PeakXV brand Debit Cards

*Rapid Approval only applies to those with a existing commercial merchant account and
after submitting a valid application. Set Up fee is a limited time offer for Pin Pay.

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