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PIN-Debit cards have proven their efficiency and convenience for many years. In spite of the many years of benefits, PIN-Debit has not been available for the purchase of products and services at online stores.

Major issues in using PIN-Debit for Internet purchases are the security and the protection of the PIN. This concern is very justified given the current vulnerabilities and security weaknesses of the World Wide Web (www), Internet browsers, and e-mail services. PINPAY solves these important issues.

Providing a PIN-Debit payment option for Internet purchases required a new and highly secure approach to both PIN entry and the communications of payment transaction information. With PINPAY, the current convenience of a PIN-Debit Internet purchase is available with the transaction and financial security of a POS/ATM terminal.

For secure communications between the cardholder and the card processor, PINPAY utilizes ACAP Security’s existing, proven, highly secure- ppn Technology. To provide secure customer PIN entry from any commercially available computer, PINPAY has developed a software solution which provides security that exceeds the security provided by a POS/ATM.

From a consumer’s viewpoint, the use of PINPAY is simple. The PINPAY software is compatible with commercially offered computers and operating systems, is easy to download and run, and does not require any special consumer hardware or training.

The addition of PINPAY to an eMerchant’s shopping cart is simple- simply add a “PINPAY” button. Selection of this button transports the customer outside of the non-secure World Wide Web and internet browser environment- to the highly secure PINPAY network. The participation benefit to an eMerchant is reduced payment processing costs, and to a consumer, the option of using their PIN in a secure online purchase.

The market exists- Americans prefer debit cards over credit cards- 66% would use PIN debit if available. PIN debit is the fastest growing segment of the payments industry. Show Internet shoppers a secure and effective alternative to credit cards and they will used it … offer more payment options and your sales volume will grow.

A 5 Minute cut and Paste Script in your WebSite and You are Ready to Go !!


PINPAY is an online POS terminal software package which can be operated from a customer’s desk top or laptop computer any where in the world. All that is required to use this online virtual POS terminal is for the customer to have a computer with Internet access, a PIN and an associated plastic card, paper certificate, or e-card (virtual card) authorized for use at the merchant’s online store.

For a merchant to accept purchases from a PINPAY enabled cardholder, the merchant must have a PINPAY merchant agreement and have downloaded and installed a PINPAY payment buttons on the merchant’s online store checkout webpage.

Consumer payment transactions supported by PINPAY include pre-paid cards for teens; student and campus cards; general purpose gift cards for branded malls and/or multi-merchant applications, as well as for private merchants; virtual e-gift card accounts; travel money cards as alternatives to cash and travelers checks for foreign travel; relationship cards that serve family and small business needs; and money transfer services. PINPAY also supports plastic card, paper certificate and e-virtual pre-paid accounts. These accounts are not required, but may include ATM machine cash access features.

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