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Banner Ad Design
- 728x90 banner ads
- 468x60 banner ads
- Skyscraper - 120x600 banner ads
- Micro (88x31) - Micro Button Banners
- Button Banners of various sizes.
- HTML banner ads
- Flash banner ads
- Rich Media banner ads
- We develop, create and produce your banner advertisements to meet your objectives.

Email Design (Plain Text or HTML with Graphics)
- Opt-In email campaigns
- Copy Writing of your Email Campaign (online)
- Newsletter Writing and/or Serving
- Promotional Writing and/or Serving
- An ad we developed in the newsletter - Flipside.UK - France and Germany
- Send an HTML based email to brand your company.

Copy Writing
- for online - email campaigns or online newsletters
- for offline - ads, advertorials, promos and written articles

- We know what works and what doesn't.

Newsletter Writing and Serving
- monthly written newsletters
- weekly written promos and special offers
- We have the creative and innovative writing skills and abilities to solve your communication problems.

Logo Design
- Corporate identities and logos

- Corporate identities, logos and word marks are our specialty.

Web Development and Internet Applications
- web development and internet applications
- We have the solutions to be your working partner.
- HTML, Javascript, Flash, ASP.NET, VB.NET, CGI, SQL


Button Banners:
Micro Button Banners - Micro (88x31)
Banner Buttons - Casino Button Banners
Banner Buttons - Insights Marketing Group
Banner Buttons -

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Email Design (Plain or Graphics) - Opt-In email campaigns - Copy Writing (online)

An Animated Graphic header / banner
- for a newsletter developed by Affinity Management Group.
- As well, view the WorldCom graphic header version of the newsletter.

Another Animated Graphic header / banner
- for a newsletter developed by Affinity Management Group for the North Carolina Realtors Association and Corporate Express.

- Newsletter Writing and/or Serving - monthly written newsletters:
Newsletter - Plain
Newsletter - Graphics

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Copy Writing (offline):

Anna Kournikova

A written aditorial for Opulence Magazine or Millionaire Magazine -

The advertorials (ad - editorial) was:
"Looking for Exciting and Rewarding Online Action"
Palancar Casinos is the premier group of casinos on the Internet.
by Julie Stoyka
The advertorial piece is an excellent ad product - advertising technique for marketing offline. If you have any questions: Please contact us: or Call Toll Free: 1-800-711-6017.

"In the print world, an advertorial is an advertisement, usually in a special advertising section, that has a content or editorial component, so that it looks and feels more like editorial, but with a clear ad message. Many print publications charge a premium for advertorials because the good editorial reputation of the publication helps contextualize the advertiser's message and increases the impact." - By Janet Ryan and Nancy Whiteman are partners in Ryan Whiteman

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Logo Design: - Logo Design:

Royal Safari Casino Logo

EnVogue Casino Logo

GunSlinger Casino Logo

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