"The steps to success are as easy as 1,2,3 once you know how!"


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Are you stuck in a financial rut?
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"The steps to success are as easy
as 1,2,3 once you know how!"

Dear entrepreneur,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter!

Trust me you won't regret it!
For just a few minutes of your time I'm going to show you how to change your life for the better! FOREVER!

Take a few seconds to answer these few questions!

Would you like to earn thousands every month working from home?
Would you like to be your own boss or start a new business around your existing job?
Would you like to have the time to enjoy life to the full instead of working all day, every day?
Do you want the dream lifestyle that you have always wanted
Are you prepared to take a chance? Not necessarily with your money but with your future?

If the answer to the questions above is YES then read on, because you have a problem - YOU DON'T EARN ENOUGH MONEY - and YOU NEED the outstanding information I'm about to give you!!...

Your FREEDOM is hampered by the lack of funds in your bank account!!

It is a dismal fact that most of us struggle financially at various times in our lives. I certainly have...and everything seems more expensive and lets face it, wages don't seem to be keeping up with the rise in prices! Interest rates are rocketing and your mortgage payments are rising as we speak. Experts predict that the price of oil may double in the next two years so your fuel expenses will double too!

....I can't think of a single thing that has not risen in price within the last year!!!

Rise in prices don't concern me anymore because I have secret money making formula that is earning me a small fortune every week! Copy me and watch your money worries will fade away!!!!

You can have enough money to do the things you want without spending months on end saving up to do it! And you don't have to worry about rising prices because you'll have enough ready cash to absorb it all!!

In a few minutes time you will see a clear SOLUTION to all your money worries!

I would like you to take a few moments and in your minds eye, replace the pictures above with three things that really interest you that you simply can't afford to do now or within the next year...

And I Mean Anything!

Honestly picture what you want and need! From the outrageous to the mundane! A new house, a brand new Bentley or a cruise round the world or simple financial security or a hot tub in the back garden!…Because I'm going to give you the secrets that will give you the money to get you what you want, AND the time to do almost anything you want!

Freedom is not just about cars, boats and big houses! Although they are nice...

'Robert kiyosaki'

"You don't have true freedom until you have financial freedom"


Ask yourself if you would like to have the time to do the things you like, with the people you like, when you like! The three things I asked you to picture in your mind are your personal dreams and desires and they are special to you!

What I can do is help you to get them…!

And just for starters, How does £100,000 a year for a few hours work a week sound to you?!!!

You can earn an absolute fortune from your own business working from home and you can do it full time or around your existing job. And the best thing is the profits are all yours! That's right!!


The second best thing is that you can learn how to do it!

No one is an instant expert in anything! But with a little time, effort and lots of persistence you can apply these simple, easy to follow strategies and secrets and become successful!

Let me put it another way!

Your bank manager probably earns around £50,000 to £60,000+ a year and I'm willing to bet he gets to work at 8.00 am and rarely leaves before 6.00 pm!


Even just £3-4,000 a
Month and You can
See the Possibilities
opening before you!



You do not need to be a genius and you don't need to be a computer programmer to make money from the Internet. All you need is the willing, imagination and lots of tenacity!

You also need a helping hand!

Well don't worry all the help you will ever need is just a few minutes a way and it comes in the form of:



Carl Galletti's
Internet Marketing Superconference™!


You are probably going to ask why do I need help? Well everyone needs a mentor especially when starting out! I have several and I still ask for help now and again!

But much more than that, you need help so you can learn the secrets that hardly any one who runs a website or an Internet business knows!

Trust me that gives you the edge!

So many of us are reluctant to try something new because either we're afraid of failure or we just don't think we can do it! Well I'll tell you how I started out a little later!... But before I do I would like to tell you that YOU can do this!

I'm willing to bet that out of all the Internet businesses on the World Wide Web. Less than 10% know ANY of the information Carl Galletti has to give you. Even more! Out of the 10% who know a little bit about making money from the Internet 70% of them do not have a clue how powerful Carl Galletti's information is, they simply don't know all facts!

You need this knowledge because it means the difference between success and failure; it means the difference between making a little bit of money and vast amounts of money!!

Believe me this information will not just put you in the top 5% of people who really know how to make money from the Internet, it can put in the top earners list! The secrets Carl Galletti has to teach you will literally put you on the cutting edge, in fact it will shoot you to the top like you have been fired from a canon!

Before I tell you what the Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference TM is all about I would like to tell you how strongly I believe in it as first class quality product!

The Internet Marketing Superconference is a 14 DVD set comprised of a 3 day seminar, professionally filmed in Las Vegas!

It features not just Carl Galletti but other Internet gurus such as Stephen Pierce, James Maduk, Ted Ciuba, Phil Huff and Declan Dunn to name a few! If you have not heard of them, remember some of the richest people in the world are men and women hardly anyone knows about! And it could easily be you up there on a stage telling people how to make money in a few months time!!!

I would also like to tell you that I would never sell or promote a product that I don't believe in or that I would not use myself! I promise you that I don't just believe in the Internet Marketing Superconference TM I have studied it!

In fact I often go back to it to refresh my memory and take some inspiration!

O.K! Let me give you a little information on the highly qualified people who are going to teach you how grasp your financial freedom!

James Maduk:

Spent years working 70 - 80 hours a week as a salesman! He now works from home selling 3-4 products a day from just one website and he is an expert in web casting He strongly believes that you should adapt your job to your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your job! The 3-4 products he sells everyday pull in:


4 product sales x $97 = $141,232

$141,232 From 1 website Every Year!

He also creates 2 hour teleconference broadcasts for the Internet which cost listeners $79 per show. He regularly pulls in 250 listeners every time and it's not as hard as you think!


250 listeners x $79.00 = $19,750

From Just 1 2 hour broadcast!


James Maduk does not believe in getting rich quick he believes in 'Getting rich consistently'! He can teach you all you need to know and more about the way he earns money from the Internet and he spends next to nothing on marketing his products!

TRUST ME you cannot fail to learn from this guy!

Stephen Pierce

The first DVD introduces Stephen pierce and he gives one of the most inspirational talks I have heard on Internet marketing! If you want to learn how to make £100,000 a YEAR then he is the man to listen to!

Stephen Pierce dropped out of school early and has absolutely no qualifications other than his life experience! Guess what! He earns over $30,000 a month, every month!

He has some very powerful secrets that you really need to know too! But before I tell you a little about his talk I'm going to tell you what Stephen Pierce said to his audience in Las Vegas!

"Acorns become Oak trees"

Acorns become oak trees means DON'T WORRY ABOUT STARTING SMALL!

The Stephen Pierce talk contains some of the most awe inspiring content and yes it is easy to learn!

The 7 laws to profiting from your Internet business
Implementation! Do it now with tenacity, determination and persistence!
Your financial dependence depends on your customers. Treat them right!
People don't buy products, they buy solutions!!
The accelerated Affiliate Model
The information facilitator
The profits cycle!


Learn from Stephen Pierce and I am 100% certain that from just his talk you will start to earn money straight away!

This kind of quality information is so secret yet so obvious that you simply won't believe you had even the smallest doubt that you can start your own, highly profitable Internet business!

It's the small and easy things that most people over look!

Declan Dunn DVD 2

Proves how simply changing a headline improved response from 9% to 35% and rocketed sales to:

= $78,000 in the first month!

Declan Dunn is another inspiring teacher that you really can't fail to learn all those secrets from! Once you watch him, and listen to everything he has to say you will be itching to get going immediately. I guarantee it!!

I could go on forever about the information these guys can give you but to be honest you need to see it to believe it!

If you are finding these figures a little hard to believe let me put your mind at ease and tell you a little bit about myself and how I got into the Internet business!

I was flat broke nine months ago

And I mean I did not have a penny to spend on anything other than food and that was getting tight too!

It's funny how financial disaster creeps up on you almost without you knowing about it, or you struggle on regardless, hoping things will get better and then WHAM! You have nothing left! I had run several businesses before and they were successful up to a point, at least before disaster struck...

The silly thing is I waited until the last minute and found myself in a position that was virtually impossible to get out of!

Thank god! I found out about an Internet marketing seminar, I borrowed the money so that I could attend!! And I have genuinely never looked back!

The money I borrowed was the wisest investment I have ever made, what's more within a few months I had earned enough money to pay back everything I owed!


In just two months I had cleared all debts AND was earning money so my account stayed well in the black!

It was like wiping a black board clean and starting a fresh! From what I learnt from just one guy I cleared my debts and was running a successful business. And it was easy!

Now, nine months later I have earned nearly £100,000 and it's getting better every week! The reason I told you to imagine anything earlier is because anything is possible! I went from nothing to earning £100,000 in just nine months and I don't have a diploma and I certainly don't have a business or marketing degree. I work from home and for myself!

So if I can do it , you can do it!

I really mean this…I'm not an Internet guru and I'm not a genius as I'm sure you have already gathered ! I'm just an average guy so imagine your self in nine months or a years time when you have learned the secrets I can give you!

Forget that! Imagine yourself in one month's time because if you follow some easy to learn secrets and principles you could easily out do my earnings to date! How? Because there is no limit to the amount you can earn!

I guess my message in all this is that you don't have to leave it until the last minute as I did. Start now and if you apply the secrets from Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference™ who knows what your income will be within a year. There are no restrictions and no one collects the profits but YOU!!!!!

One thing I am sure of is that if you apply your self you will have financial freedom very soon!

I have used the word guru in the headline but the men and women who I have learnt from are like you and me, don't get me wrong they enjoy great success but if you think about where they started, from the very bottom of the pile, then you can see how you can get there too!

Carl Galletti will show you his secrets that work consistently, time after time, that nets him millions of pounds a year and once you know how it really is as easy as 1,2,3! No they are not my secrets :-) I know them of course and I have studied Carl Galletti and applied his Marketing secrets to my business. And guess what they work!, time after time!!

The steps to success are as Easy as 1,2,3 once you know how!

I cannot over state this enough to you! Think how hard and frustrating it was when you first tried to ride a bicycle or leant how to drive! But regardless of all the falls and scrapes you still learnt how to do it!

I can honestly state that if you approach making money with the same determination and persistence that you apply to the simple things in your life, within two weeks you will be on the road to success, it may take you a little longer but who cares, you'll be on your way! And no it does not matter if you don't get it just right the first time!!! The beauty of the Internet is that you can try things out without losing thousands of pounds you don't have!! In fact the more you try things out the more likely it is that you will get rich a lot faster!!!!

It really is as easy as 1,2,3 once you know how!!!

What Photo Goes Here

Remember, 'Acorns become Oak trees'!!!

When you break it down this is how simple it really is, The Internet Marketing Superconference can give every piece of knowledge and amazing secrets that will show YOU exactly how you can make a fortune every month from your own Internet business! Of course when you have the secrets from the Internets top earners there is NO WAY you can fail if you follow these guys!

In fact the secrets I have for you will step by step, inch by inch turn your business into your own money making machine! AND I can absolutely guarantee you that Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference™ will give you a head start that most Internet Pro's would kill for!

In fact, the information in Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing superconference™ is so cutting edge that most professional Internet Marketers don't know even half of it!!!

Before I even get to tell you the amazing low price of this fantastic 14 DVD set there are a few other things I would like to tell you!

If you were to employ a consultant to teach you all the secrets and information in the Carl Galletti Internet Marketing Superconference™ it would cost you thousands of pounds and even then, they would not know as much as you after you have study this 14 DVD set!!!

Even more!! If you paid to attend the Carl Galletti Internet Marketing Superconference™ it would cost you upwards of £3500! AND that does not include expenses!! And no don't worry you'll be amazed at the low price of the Internet Marketing Superconference™

EVEN MORE, with DVD's you can watch them at your leisure, when you want, and when you have the time! Perfect if you are getting started around a job or if you have a family that needs you!

You are getting all the benefits of the Carl Galletti Internet Marketing Superconference™ and you get it for less than one tenth of the price of attendance!!

The other thing I want to tell you is that I have some awesome free gifts for you!! When you receive your 14 DVD pack, I will give you completely free of charge, the following 3 gifts and they are yours to keep!!! If you decide to take advantage of my no risk money back guarantee you can keep these bonus gifts and there is NO CATCH!!

I genuinely want you to succeed and these bonus gifts will help you get there! I want you to have them as a sign of good faith on my part, even if the Carl Galletti Internet Marketing Superconference™ does not work for you they are yours to keep!!! You won't believe the quality of these gifts I'm giving away!!

Bill Myers 3 DVD Pack

Before I tell you about these brilliant DVD's I want you to know a little bit about the man Bill Myers!! He has been successfully developing his own products and selling them for 18 years!! I have to say that I'm a really big fan of Bill Myers! He is one of the best teachers that I have ever seen and he can get you to understand some complicated information in a straightforward way that makes everything clear and easy to grasp! I found these 3 DVD really useful and yes I have watched them all and used the information to my advantage!


Product Development: Learn how to develop and market your own products!


Learn the 9 characteristics that define the PERFECT PRODUCT
8 steps to successful product development!
The 5 most popular AND profitable types of product


This DVD is absolutely fantastic! You can learn how to develop your own products and you get all the profits! No licenses to buy, just your products developed from your imagination!



Product Development for the Internet: Discover the powerful Bill Myers secrets to developing your own Internet products!!

Discover the secrets to ZERO COST marketing!
Learn The Bill Myers Optimum Business Model: The 8 steps to selling your product on the Net!
The 9 steps to successful Internet product development! You need this if you are serious about making money from home!



Tools for Product Development: You will need certain tools to get yourself going as a product developer! Bill Myers can give you all the knowledge of his 18 years experience!!

There is no way around it, you need tools! E.g. A video camera if you want to make your own how to videos
Learn how automation can make you rich and save you thousands of man-hours!
Learn all the tips, tricks and tolls that will ensure you can get going straight away!

I currently sell this 3 DVD Bill Myers pack for £129.00 but I want you to accept it free as a gift for trusting me with your future! You can earn literally thousands ever month from developing your own products! Believe me you need this pack! And of course, if you send back the Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference YOU keep this amazing Bill Myers pack. IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE


2: The Ebay Book
'Essential Tips For Buying And Selling On Ebay' By David Belbin

EBay is the world's biggest marketplace! EBay.co.uk has over two million items for sale in its auctions at any given time. The site sells every type of consumer goods and collectable you can think of. Over one third of all Internet users in the UK visited eBay.co.uk in March 2004, when the number of UK eBay users passed 9 million. One million people started using the site in the first three months of 2004 alone.

The eBay Book by David Belbin, is a must for newcomers and it can teach you how to make a profit on the worlds largest market place!!! And YES if you know a little about Ebay this book will teach you how to get the real money rolling in!! With that many users you can easily make great money!

Part One

Guitar parts, pots, paving stones and trampolines

Part Two

2.1 - First things
2.2 - Buying on eBay
2.3 - Using 'My eBay' and other essential buying tips
2.4 - Feedback
2.5 - Dare to sell
2.6 - What to do when you've made your first sale
2.7 - Advanced buying and selling
2.8 - To PayPal or not to PayPal
2.9 - Using pictures and HTML
2.10 - Frauds, scams, deadbeat bidders and vigilantes

Part Three

1 - Rules for buying and selling
2 - Summary of eBay fees
3 - Bidding increments
4 - eBay's surcharge policies
5 - Tax treatment of eBay income
6 - Record-keeping
7 - Useful web resources
8 - Further reading
9 - Glossary of terms


This spectacular book retails for the price of £9.99 but you guessed it! It's yours, no charge whatsoever! You can't fail to learn from this book and I bet it will make you money page-by-page, chapter-by-chapter!!!

3: 9 Full Internet tool programmes!

The Gold Collection from AX Gold Software

I am giving you 9 full programmes that will help get you up and running as soon as humanly possible!! Designed by pros so that you can use them easily with no or very little experience. These tools cannot fail to ensure your money is safe and secure AND you don't need to be a PC wizard to use them!!!! What's more I have placed them on one CDROM so that you can easily get to them at anytime!

What Photo Goes Here


1 - FTP - FTP Made So Easy A child Could Upload Your Site
2 - Affiliate Diamond - Increase Your Affiliate Commissions Automatically
3 - Page Protector - Stop Thieves Stealing Your Software And Ebooks
4 - Spambot Guardian - Stop Spammers Grabbing Your Email Address
5 - Weblink Checker - Avoid Broken Links Costing You Visitors And Sales
6 - Easy Rese II Plus - Save Time And Effort In Customising Ebook Mini
7 - Affiliate Customiser - Help Your Affiliates Sell More Of Your Products
8 - Form Protector - Protect Your Forms From Hacking Attacks
9 - Frame Buster - Stop Other Webmasters Misusing Your Content


I could sell you this amazing software package for the price of £29.99 but I'm not going to do that! I want you to get the head start you deserve so ALL 9 software tools are yours, completely free when you order the Internet Marketing Superconference™ !!!

That's £168.00 worth of bonus products just for you, as a thank you gift for purchasing the awesome Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference™

You can see I'm giving you so much quality bonus material I think you had better go out and buy yourself a new DVD rack!!

I know you must think I'm crazy giving away all these first class quality products and yes I'm almost cutting my own throat doing so! I make a small fortune from the free gifts you will get for free but I honestly want you to succeed! If I could afford to give you more to help you get going right now I would but as I said I can't give away any more than I have!

Before you order there is one important piece of information that you need to know now. The major corporations are looking towards the Internet to earn a profit! If you want to get in there and start earning big money you have to get in now before the big guns start to take over...

The Internet is responsible to date for 4% of ALL retail sales. The same amount as catalogues and they took 50 years to get to this stage. The Internet has reached this in a few years IT'S GETTING BIGGER EVERY DAY! There is still room for me and you but don't delay if your serious about making money.

It's not hard to do, but you have to do it now. ASAP!!!

I know you are busting to know the price of the Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference™ and I promise you will fall over when you find out but I must say this!

Look at where you are now and where you will be in the future, but I want you to tell yourself that you are already an expert and in the same league as the Carl Galletti's of the Internet top earners. Always place your self with the eagles, never the turkeys! See your self as an Internet Marketer or product developer and you will get there. Visualise it, do it and succeed!!

O.k. So how much am I charging for this amazing resource?

Well remember how much it costs just to attend the seminar? Remember the costs of hiring consultant to teach you this valuable information? By the way, once you have learnt from Carl Galletti there is no reason why you can't start consulting your self!!! You can make anywhere from £500 + per day as a consultant!

By now I think you know I have been completely honest with you and I have. I would never sell or promote a product I did not have 110% faith in, so, baring this in mind you will not believe the price of this awesome product...

I'm not going to charge you any where near the price of the seminar! In fact if you add up the free bonus gifts, the Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference™ and its even less than that!!!

I'm going to charge you just £297 for the entire 14 DVD pack!!!

Is that outstanding value or what???

For just £297 you will have made one of the most profitable investments in your life, and I bet you make this investment back in less than a month! And in 2 months I bet you are making £3-4,000 + a month if you follow Carl Galletti!!

Just to remind you! Your getting this amazing pack for a fraction of the price of attending the seminar and I'm giving you over £300 worth of free bonus gifts. I honestly believe this is a fantastic package so take advantage now before the price goes up!!

You can't afford to be without this amazing resource! Remember I'm Mr Average and I have raked in £100,000 in just over nine months!

These amazing secrets will work for you don't forget you have the free bonus gifts are yours as a thank you from me because I know you cannot fail to produce almost immediate profits from these tried and tested secrets and strategies BECAUSE I HAVE!!!

Grasp your financial freedom now while you have the chance because time is running out fast!

For just £297 you can have complete financial security, working for your self at home… No bosses, no hassle, just easy money! So get started now!!!!

May I take this opportunity to wish you every success, regardless if you order from me or not, I really hope you find financial freedom in the near future!!!

Sincerely yours,

Chris Brooks.

Chris Brooks

P.S This is a genuine money making opportunity that I honestly believe will benefit you! Think of having more spare time to spend with your family AND the money to really enjoy life!!!

P.P.S You can start making money from the Superconference from just watching the first DVD!! The advice is outstanding and really worth listening to!! In fact it will be the best investment you ever make!

P.P.P.S Acorns become oak trees! Don't let fear stop you... You can't fail with this resource behind you and remember you can do this around any of your present commitments! Where's the catch???? There isn't one!! Good Luck!!!

"The steps to success are as easy as 1,2,3 once you know how!"

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